My Style

I love walking on the edge and trying new things. So you could say that my style is contemporary but with a warm, eclectic feel. I love putting elements together that tell a story… your story, in that moment. It’s about you and your life.

In your session, I want you to come and play with me. Life is too short not to enjoy the whole creation process together. As you interact, play and live, I watch and capture those fleeting moments that we sometimes miss… I want to picture them just for you.

I work with four style themes.

  1. Traditional -pertaining to, or characteristic of the older styles
  2. Urban – characteristic of or accustomed to cities and city life.
  3. Rustic – pertaining to, or living in the country, as distinguished from towns or cities; rural, outdoors.
  4. Raw – subject focused with no background or foreground taken in to consideration with the exception of artistic creativity.

We can choose your location and style theme at our consultation together. I want to meet your needs and expectations. I can’t wait to see your life in pictures!